Services We Provide

Most projects are made up of many components that require a variety of services to get the job done. Our in house team is comprised of experts in their fields, adhering to the highest of standards. Please read below, for a list of our services to ensure that your project is completed effectively and efficiently.

Shop drawings – All shop drawings are prepared on AutoCAD by our in house engineers and architects.

Field measurements – Field measurements are taken on the jobsite to ensure the proper fabrication and installation of the projects.

PE calculations – Calculations are prepared by a Professional Engineer and stamped.

Window and Curtain Wall Installation – Triple H Construction is certified and approved to install steel and aluminum windows and curtain walls by many manufacturers.

Fabrication – We fabricate structural beams, columns, stairs, ladders, hand rails, roof railing, gratings, dunnage, frames, door frames, gates, chain link fences, iron fences, tree pits, window guards, angles, steel plates, ramps, air conditioning cages, brackets, track repair, troughs and much more.

We fabricate steel, iron, aluminum, and brass.

Sandblasting – Using high grade blasting media, sandblasting is used for smoothing, shaping and cleaning many different surfaces and materials such as steel, iron, copper, brass, aluminum and glass.Sandblasting removes visible rust, mill scale, paint and contaminants, increasing the durability of the finish.

Welding and Installation – All installation is performed by Union Local 580 Ironworkers and Local 79 Mason Tenders. Expert tradesmen in their fields, our employees ensure accurate installation of all our products. All jobsite employees are OSHA 10 hour and 30 hour class card holders as well as Scaffold License holders. Most are certified Fire Watchers from the FDNY.

Powder Coating – A durable, corrosion resistant finish that is applies to steel, aluminum, brass, copper and iron. It’s used to create a hard finish that is tougher than conventional paint but gives a more even and, superior finish and is available in several hundred colors and textures.

Painting – Material is cleaned and prepped for the painting process. Our shop is equipped with all the media required to complete this process. We provide our clients with a wide range of colors and finishes to meet the project requirements.